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Research Centers

Center of Cyber Logistics (CCL)

Center of Cyber Logistics is committed to working closely with practitioners and industry leaders to enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong’s logistics industry in the new cyber era. The Center conducts academic and applied research on logistics issues, facilitates the advancement of technological knowledge for the logistics industry and promotes the exchange of knowledge between academia and practitioners. Its current research interests include the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial supply chains, competitiveness indices for the Hong Kong logistics industry and privacy and security issues in IoT-driven business chains.


Selected Projects 

  • Heteromorphism: Beaconing Isomorphism to Unique Capabilities (Jan13 - Jun15)
  • Design Theory and Design Artifact for Third Party E-service (Jan12 - Jun14)
  • RFID-based Enabling Technology for On-Target Visibility in Garment Supply Chains (Sep09 - Apr11)
  • Strategic Re-positioning on Direct Transportation Link between China and Taiwan: Case Studies and Analysis (Jun09 - Feb10)



Director Prof. Waiman Cheung
Associate Director Dr. Sung-chi Chu
Postdoc Fellow Dr. Jerrel Leung
Solution Analyst Mr. Tim Cheng
Research Assistant      Mr. Pan Kwok